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Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

M How has the week of training gone so far? I′ve been concerned that the group is too big.
W We do have a large group of trainees, but we′ve been able to stay on track and get a lot accomplished.
M Everyone is commenting on the amount of excitement that your program has generated.
W Yes, we′re quite pleased with our success so far. Well, I have to get going. I need to set up the meeting room for this afternoon′s session. See you later.

1. How long will the training program last?
A. Three weeks.
B. Four weeks.
C. Two weeks.
D. One week.
2. What will the woman do now?
A. Look for seating.
B. Write a letter.
C. Join a discussion.
D. Set up the room.
3. What is the response to the training program?
A. Enthusiasm.
B. Confusion.
C. Boredom.
D. Chaos.
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