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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Thank you for calling the Salvo Human Resources Department Job Hotline.
Salvo is currently looking to hire people with a background in Asian Languages as well as software design. To hear about this special opportunity, press one. To listen to job descriptions for all of our current job openings, press two. To request an application, press three. To follow up on your application status, press four. To learn the location of a Salvo Employment Presentation in a city near you, press five. Please have a pen and paper by the phone and be ready to record the relevant information.

1. Who would call in to this hotline?
A. A human resources presenter.
B. A job seeker.
C. An employer.
D. An expert in Salvo's product line.
2. What is the purpose of this recording?
A. To explain to callers what they can do.
B. To present the company's philosophy.
C. To give background information about a product problem.
D. To inform callers about Salvo.
3. What kind of people is Salvo currently looking for?
A. Fashion designers.
B. Human resource experts.
C. Foreign language speakers.
D. Software users.
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