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Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

W Do you remember the first time I applied for a job? I had absolutely no confidence in myself.
M And look where you are now — a widely respected expert in the field of computer networks.
W Isn′t it interesting how we change and grow. I was hesitant to go on my first job interview because I didn′t think I could present myself well. I was sure no one would hire me.
M And now you′re asked to speak at conferences all over the country. In fact, I′d like to ask you to help me out with planning a workshop I have to give next week.

1. What does the man want the woman to do?
A. Speak at a conference.
B. Give him some change.
C. Help him with a workshop.
D. Hire him.
2. What was the woman hesitant to do?
A. Apply for a job.
B. Use a computer.
C. Give a presentation.
D. Go to a job interview.
3. What do people think about the woman now?
A. She has no confidence.
B. She is a beginner at networking.
C. Her computer skills are weak.
D. She is an expert.
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