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Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

W A quick overview of your dental records shows that there is cause for concern. You need to make more regular dental appointments if you want to have a healthy mouth.
M I don′t care about cavities. I just want you to restore the shine to my teeth.
W Then I encourage you to kick the habits of smoking and drinking coffee. They both dull the teeth. We can also schedule an appointment for a special cleaning to whiten your teeth.
M That′s a good idea. I′d like to do it as soon as possible. Can we do it next week?

1. What does the man ask the doctor to give him?
A. A new diagnosis.
B. An appointment.
C. A copy of his record.
D. A special treatment.
2. What does the doctor recommend that the man do?
A. Research diagnostic methods.
B. Visit patients.
C. Check into the best hospital.
D. See a specialist.
3. When does the doctor say that the man should do this?
A. This month.
B. In ten months.
C. This afternoon.
D. Before 10:00.
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