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Read the passages and choose the correct answer:

Caring for Your Health

 Your health is one of your most valuable assets, so caring for it properly is very important. Regular visits to the doctor can help prevent any health problems from becoming serious. You should visit your doctor annually if you are in good health. If you have certain health conditions or if your doctor recommends it, you may need more frequent appointments.

It is important to have a doctor you can trust. The best way to find one is to get a recommendation from a trust­worthy person such as a friend or relative. Call to make an appointment several weeks or even a month ahead of time. When you call, you can also ask a few questions about the doctor's background, such as which university he got his degree from and how long he has been practicing in the area. You will also want to find out which hospi­tal the doctor is affiliated with. When you arrive for your appointment, make sure you bring a copy of your med­ical records with you.

When you meet with the doctor, you will want to ask him what his approach to treatment is and what diagnostic tools he uses. This way you can find out something about his skills, as well as whether or not he is a person you can talk to and feel comfortable with. Also, take a look around the office. Is it comfortable and organized? Do the instruments look clean and well-maintained?

If your appointment goes well and you feel comfortable with the doctor, then don't forget to make an appoint­ment for your next physical before you leave the office. If you have any doubts, look around for another doctor. Having a good doctor is an essential part of your health care plan.

1. Who is this article for?
A. Medical equipment salespeople.
B. Hospital staff.
C. Doctors.
D. Patients.

2. How often should a healthy person visit the doctor?
A. Twice a month.
B. Once a year.
C. Once a month.
D. Twice a year.

3. What is the best way to find a good doctor?
A. Go to a university.
B. Call the hospital.
C. Look in the phone book.
D. Ask a friend.

4. The word “records” in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to ................
A. documents
B. plans
C. instructions
D. descriptions

5. The word “instruments” in the third paragraph is closest in meaning to ................
A. clothing
B. environment
C. equipment
D. furniture
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