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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

We frequently receive items that are still under warranty, but we don′t automatically repair them. Don′t forget: a warranty is only valid if the product has been used according to the manufacturer′s directions. Oftentimes a buyer will drop a machine or use it for something other than what it′s intended for. Consequently, they′re not covered.
A common characteristic of this type of return is that it′s cracked or smashed,
or shows an unusual pattern of wear. Remember, we promise our customers that
all our products will operate smoothly every time when handled according to the
directions enclosed in each package. All defective products returned within
thirty days of purchase will get a complete refund. Products returned after
that time are sent to us for repair.

1. Who is the audience for this talk?
A. A factory repairperson.
B. Buyers.
C. A customer.
D. Someone who rents machines.
2. How can a customer receive money back for a defective product?
A. Return it within 30 days.
B. Follow the directions on the package.
C. Return it to the place of purchase.
D. Repackage it carefully.
3. What is the point of the talk?
A. Customers often don't understand warranties.
B. Machines with unusual wear are difficult to repair.
C. Items under warranty must be fixed.
D. If an item is misused, the warranty may be invalidated.
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