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Lesson --> Advanced --> Part 6: Text Completion

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Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

Questions below refer to the following notice.


We regret to inform you that the Beach Front Promenade is currently closed for renovations.
There has been substantial damage as a result of the hurricane last month, and the stretch from Dawson's Peak to Green Bay is unsafe. The footpath has been severely eroded and cannot be accessed. This also means that the Beach Front Swimming Pool will be closed until (1)............... notice.
Anyone who has already paid for swimming lessons is (2)............... for a refund of their tuition fee.
Please take your receipt to the City Center leisure center where all refunds are being handled.
Alternately, you may sign up for a course at the City Center if there is a vacancy. The city is working to reopen the promenade at the (3)............... possible date.

A. farther
B. further
C. more
D. next

A. permitted
B. eligible
C. allowable
D. legalized

A. earliest
B. fastest
C. earlier
D. sooner
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