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Lesson --> Introductory --> Part 3: Conversation

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Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following conversation.
M: Angela, I′ve just confirmed the departure times and it looks like our train will be delayed a couple of hours. It′s now expected to leave at 7:00.
W: That′s a big problem. We won′t arrive in London in order to make our 9:00 meeting with our partners.
M: It will be okay. I was going to contact them anyway to confirm that they received the documents couriered earlier today.
W: Alright, so you can let them know our situation.

1. When is the train supposed to leave the station?
A. At 5 o'clock
B. At 7 o'clock
C. At 3 o'clock
D. At 9 o'clock
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