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You will hear a new student, Tom, talking to a student representative called Rachel about university clubs.

Rachel: Hi, welcome to Freshers Week. I’m Rachel. Can I help you?
Tom: Oh, hi - yes. Erm, I was hoping to find out about some clubs I could join.
Rachel: Well, all the club stands are here in this hall. What were you interested in?
Tom: Um - not sure. I wanted to do something where I could meet people.
Rachel: Well, take this leaflet with details of all the clubs and see what you think. It’ll probably depend on what day you’re free. Like on Mondays there’s the film club, then on Tuesdays you’ve got the climbing club - that’s really good, I’m in that - then on Wednesdays you’ve got chess, if you want something a bit more intellectual! But you should look through carefully because all the clubs run extra activities as well as their normal meetings.
Tom: Oh, yes I see. (as if reading) So it looks like the film club has discussions after the films - I’d quite like to go to those. Then climbing - goodness, it says here that the University has its own climbing wall - that’s impressive - and they go on weekend trips. Cool. And it says the chess club normally just does games with whoever turns up but it also runs competitions sometimes. But I bet you’ve got to be pretty good to do that.
Rachel: Yes, I think so!
Tom: And how many people are in the clubs? Are they all really full?
Rachel: Well, obviously they’re all different so, for example, the film club has just increased its membership from eighty five to a hundred and twenty five but I think they’re hoping to extend it to a hundred and fifty. The climbing club’s quite small - forty people - and the chess club is fairly healthy at fifty five.
Tom: Right. OK, so who do I see if I want to join these clubs?
Rachel: Well, if you go round the stands and speak to the people there. For the film club that’s the events organiser - um, for climbing you’ll need the club secretary and the chess club is organised by one of the Maths tutors. OK?
Tom: Yup. I think I’ll start with the climbing club - it sounds good.
Rachel: Oh well, as I said, I’m in that so I might be able to help you a bit.

Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


University Clubs
Name of club
Extra activities
Current number of members
Events organiser
Maths tutor
125 weekend trips competitions club secretary



Tom: OK. It says in the leaflet that they get together twice a month. Is that right?

Rachel: Yes. Oh, you must join. It’s really good fun. We go away quite a bit to North Wales and every year we have a special excursion, usually to France, which is where we’re going this year in the spring. The weather’s too unpredictable in the autumn.
Tom: Wow! That sounds good - but it must cost a lot.
Rachel: Yeah, but we try and save up for it through subscriptions so rather than having a huge sum to pay in the month we go we collect those weekly so it spreads it out.
Tom: Good idea. I think I’ll definitely join.
Rachel: There are quite good benefits you get from joining. I mean, you need that don’t you? And the
University clubs normally try and do deals with local businesses, so it’s really worth joining. Like in the climbing club they’ve got a special arrangement with one of the shops in town so if you show your card you can get money off equipment. Don’t think the discount extends to clothes though.
Tom: That’s really worth it then. I’ll go over and talk to them now.
Rachel: OK. Hope you do join. Oh, and another thing I meant to say. If you do become a member, you automatically receive a magazine once a year. It’s quite useful and interesting because it goes out to all the national climbing clubs. And the other thing is, if you come to every session, then you can get a complimentary ticket to the big exhibition that’s held in Cardiff every year. So - hope to see you ...
Tom: Yeah, thanks ... (fade) ...

Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.
spring twice a month/twice per month magazine weekly equipment exhibition

Details of climbing club:
- meets  
- excursion to France in the  
- subscriptions paid  
- discounts on  
- annual  
- free entrance to climbing   in Cardiff

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