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category disparate taste broad relax favorite instinctive reason divided prefer available urge


1. Everyone loves music, it seems. And there′s little   to wonder why. There is so much music   from which to choose, and there is a   of music to appeal to every  . The major groups of music are   broadly into classical, popular, and jazz. Within these   groups are many other subcategories. For example, such   types of music as movie soundtracks, rhythm and blues, rock, and rap all fit within the category of popular music.
The   to make and enjoy music may be  . Even small children will   certain kinds of music.
Another reason that music is so popular is the variety of settings in which one can enjoy his or her   kind of music. You can go to a church to hear great religious music, or to a concert hall to hear a well-known classical symphony. On another night, you might go to a small club to listen to an up-and-coming jazz group while you enjoy a drink.
A few nights later, you might go with some friends to join thousands of other people in a stadium to hear your favorite rock band play in your city on a world tour. And, back at your house or apartment, you can   while you put in a tape or CD and listen to your favorite artists again and again in your own home.

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