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Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used.


[M] I looked for my favorite CDs at the music store, but they were out of stock. Everything available was pretty dull.

[W]  With all the disparate music out there, how could all the CDs be boring?

[M]  I guess my tastes don't match those of the majority of the people buying CDs these days.


[W]  Please don't adjust the preset button on my radio.

[M]  I just want to listen to some relaxing music.

[W]  I just like to be able to find the music I prefer right away.


[M]  You have so many tapes and CDs. How do you categorize them so you know where they are?

[W]  I just divide them into the different forms of music, like all operas together, or all gospel music together.

[M]  You certainly like a broad range of music.


[W]  What's the reason for the happy expression on that girl's face?

[M]  She has the urge to dance, that's clear.

[W]  Her affinity for following the beat of the music seems instinctive.

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