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Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used.


[M]  Do you know of a wholesale source for glassware?

[W] As a matter of fact, 1 know of a supplier who sells top-quality wine glasses,

[M]  Well, I'm looking for a diverse range of glassware, but 1 can call to find out more information about how many different types of products they carry.


[W] What is the everyday dress code for your office?

[M]  Since you're going to be maintaining inventory, casual slacks will be fine.

[W] I'm happy to hear that because one of my prerequisites for taking this job is being able to wear casual clothing.


[W] Where do we usually obtain our stationery? I need to place a special order immediately.

[M] There's a small start-up enterprise across the street that we use and they're pretty quick.

[W] That's good; a quick turnaround is essential in this case.


[M] To ensure that the everyday routine for filling orders is followed, we're going to switch to a computerized system.

[W] If that goes smoothly, this department should start functioning more efficiently.

[M] That's what we're hoping for; it's part of our efforts to improve the quality of our services.


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