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Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used.


[M] Has the committee selected a site for our conference next year?

[W] Not yet. it's been difficult to find a site that can accommodate a group of our size.

[M] With so many conference facilities available in this area, I would think we could find one that could hold the event.


[M] We'll tour the hotel about a month before our association has its conference.

[W] I'll want to see that ail the arrangements for meeting rooms and audio equipment are taken care of.

[M] While we are there, we'll get in touch with the manager to check on all the details.


[M]  This is the room where the morning session will take place.

[W] It looks too small. Are you sure it can hold all the members who signed up?

[M]  It is the best room available. I hope it doesn't become overcrowded.


[M]  Since you decided to attend after the deadline passed, you will have to select from the workshops that are still available.

[W] There are already too many participants registered for my first choice.

[M]  I'm sorry, but there are plenty of other sessions for you to take part in.

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