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Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

Stay on top of what's happening in today's world by (1)............... to News Story Weekly, the weekly news magazine that is read by politicians, corporate executives, and ordinary citizens like you.

News Story Weekly provides you with (2)............... coverage of the week's most important news, both national and international.
News Story Weekly thoroughly investigates worldwide events that have an impact on your life and delivers this news to your mailbox every week.

News Story Weekly is disseminated throughout the country and is read by citizens from all walks of life. People who care about what's happening in the world (3)............... News Story Weekly. Shouldn't you be one of them?

To subscribe to News Story Weekly, call our offices at 888-685-9321, or visit us online at www.nsw.com.

A. subscribe
B. subscribing
C. to subscribe
D. should subscribe

A. depth
B. deepened
C. deepen
D. in-depth

A. has chosen
B. is choosing
C. chooses
D. choose
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