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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Coming up next on the six o′clock news we′ll bring you in-depth coverage of the investigation into the fraud allegedly committed by the president of the National Industrial Company over the past twelve months. We′ll have commentary on whether or not the president′s alleged actions constitute a crime that should be prosecuted in court, then we′ll look at the impact this controversy could have on our national economy.
Remember, you heard it first on the Channel Five Six O′clock News, your link to what′s happening in the world. The news tonight will be reported by James Smith, substituting for Mary Milo who is away on a special assignment.

1. Why won′t Mary Milo report the news tonight?
A. She is away on vacation.
B. She got a new job.
C. She has another assignment.
D. She is sick.
2. What is the topic of the news report?
A. An industry report.
B. The state of the national economy.
C. A speech made by the country's president.
D. Fraud committed by a company president.
3. At what time can this news report be heard?
A. 5:00.
B. 10:00.
C. 6:00.
D. 12:00.
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