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Read the passages and choose the correct answer:


To:       All office staff

From: P. Windermere, Office Manager 

Re:        Parking situation

As you may be aware, starting next week, the parking   garage will be closed for repairs to the upper level due  to damage caused by the heavy rains last month. 

There will be no parking allowed on any level of the  garage while the repairs are- taking place, as parked cars may hamper the work. Cars parked in the garage  will be towed at the owner's expense. While the  garage is closed, you may opt to park on the street or in the lot adjacent to the building. Remember that it is a private lot and a fee will be charged. I realize that the parking options will be limited, and I am open to  any suggestions for solutions to this parking situation that any of you may have. Unfortunately, the repair work will take more than a few weeks. We cannot expect the garage to open again until two months  from now. In the meantime, I thank you for your  cooperation.      

1. Why will the garage be closed?
A. The fees are too high.
B. Its parking options are limited.
C. Street parking is better.
D. It needs repairs.

2. What will happen to cars that are parked in the garage?
A. They will be repaired.
B. They will be used for work.
C. They will be towed.
D. They will be charged a fee.

3. When will the garage reopen?
A. In just a few weeks.
B. In a week.
C. In two months.
D. In a month.

4. The word “hamper” is closest in meaning to ................
A. allow
B. interfere
C. contribute
D. encourage

5. The word “adjacent” is closest in meaning to ................
A. distant
B. underneath
C. across from
D. next to
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