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Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

Our new cash registers will be installed over the weekend so that we can start using them next week. The main reason we have bought these new machines is that they will make it easier to keep track of our inventory. When you (1)............... customer's purchase into the machine, it will automatically record the purchase in the inventory files of our computer. This will help us track sales and reorder items promptly. It will save us the (2)............... work of manually entering data into the computer and ensure that our numbers are accurate. All staff members are required to attend a training session on Friday afternoon during which you will learn how (3)............... the new cash registers. See you there.

A. scan
B. are going to scan
C. scanned
D. will scan

A. tenacious
B. tedious
C. tedium
D. tenacity

A. runs
B. to run
C. running
D. run
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