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Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

M Even though the computer says we have five of these bedspreads left, I′d like you to go to the stockroom and verify that for me.
W If the computer says we have five, why would there be any discrepancy?
M Sometimes there are adjustments to the inventory. I don′t want to tell this customer that we have a bedspread if we are out of stock.
W All right. I′ll check the stockroom myself and let you know right away.

1. What information does the man want to verify?
A. The reason for the discrepancy.
B. The number of bedspreads on hand.
C. The number of bedspreads the customer needs.
D. The size of the bedspreads.
2. According to the computer, how many bedspreads are there?
A. Eleven.
B. Seven.
C. Three.
D. Five.
3. Where are the bedspreads?
A. In a box.
B. On a shelf.
C. In the stockroom.
D. On the bed.
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