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Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

M I′m looking forward to the awards ceremony tonight.
W So am I. I hope Darrell finally gets some recognition for all the work that he has done.
M He certainly has been very productive in the last few months.
W He has always been a hard worker. His dedication to his job is impressive, and he is certainly one of the company′s most loyal employees.

1. When will the ceremony be held?
A. Today.
B. Tuesday.
C. Tomorrow.
D. Tonight.
2. What is the speaker′s opinion of Darrell?
A. He is not a hard worker.
B. He is not productive.
C. He is unimpressive.
D. He is loyal.
3. Why will the ceremony be held?
A. To celebrate the opening of a new office.
B. To honor Darrell.
C. To present awards.
D. To boast about production figures.
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