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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Downloading software is a simple process. You can download a file from a remote server, or you can simply download it from the company network. Once you′ve done it, you′ll see how easy the process is. It really takes no technical skills and, indeed, everyday folks do it every day. Today we are going to practice downloading software from a web site. To facilitate the process, I have outlined the steps here on this chart. If you get lost, just look up here and follow the steps. Technically speaking, this is a very simple process. Now, you all have your computers turned on and connected to the Internet, right? Then the next thing you′ll do is type in the following web address.

1. What will the listeners do next?
A. Look at a chart.
B. Connect to the Internet.
C. Turn on their computers.
D. Type a web address.
2. Who is the intended audience for this talk?
A. Software writers.
B. Get help from the IT department.
C. Computer technicians.
D. Network managers.
3. What is the speaker′s opinion of the process of downloading software?
A. Anyone can do it.
B. It's time-consuming.
C. It's easiest if you download from a remote server.
D. It requires technical skills.
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