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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Dr. Sato′s office has an opening for an experienced office manager. Responsibilities include keeping track of the doctor′s appointments, managing patients′ medical and insurance records, and overseeing the work of two office assistants who answer the phones and make appointments. The successful candidate will be an effective organizer and have a serious attitude. Previous experience in a doctor′s office is required. Benefits include competitive salary and three weeks vacation annually. Please send a resume and two letters of recommendation to Dr. Sato before the first of next month.

1. What kind of job is being advertised?
A. Office manager.
B. Doctor.
C. Director.
D. Office assistant.
2. How can someone apply for this job?
A. Telephone the office.
B. Make an appointment.
C. Submit records.
D. Send in a resume.
3. What is a benefit of the job?
A. Three weeks of vacation a year.
B. Health insurance.
C. An annual doctor's appointment.
D. A yearly salary raise.
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