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Questions below refer to the following e-mail.

Date: Mon., 12 June 08:23:01
To: Sharon Parker
From: Patrick Spitz
Subject: Update on Germany trip
Thank you for your patience over the last week as I have worked to (1)............... the dates of your upcoming trip to Germany. In order to make your trip more enjoyable, I have been working closely with staff members here and abroad. You can be assured that your trip will be an enjoyable and productive one. By this Thursday I will be able to provide you with a complete itinerary. This itinerary will include flight, ground transportation, and hotel information. For the time being, you can review the tentative (2)............... below and let me know if you have any questions.
• June 27: Your flight arrives in Berlin at 8 p.m.; you will be picked up at the airport by a staff member from the Berlin office.
• June 28: You will meet representatives from the Berlin office and tour their facilities.
• June 29: A Berlin staff member will accompany you to the airport for your flight to Frankfurt.
The executive director in Frankfurt, Mr. Kissel, is in charge of your stay there and will send you information about your Frankfurt itinerary at a (3)............... time.
• June 30: Return home.

A. finalize
B. close
C. discontinue
D. terminate

A. date
B. ticket
C. procedure
D. schedule

A. later
B. lateness
C. lately
D. latest
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