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Questions below refer to the following article.

Over the last few months, we have received a lot of letters from readers, asking us where they can buy some of the items that have been on display in the background of a number of our fashion features. It almost seems that the furnishings and decorative items from those photo shoots have (1)............... interest than the clothes themselves.
For this reason you will notice that, starting on page 78 of this month's edition, we have introduced a new feature entitled "Where can I buy..?" This new section will appear immediately after our main fashion photo feature each month. We will be listing the designers and manufacturers for just about everything you can see in each photo, and we will be giving you the numbers and websites you need to find out more. Many of these items will be made available at a (2)............... to magazine subscribers.
All the more reason to take out a subscription!
Take a (3)............... and let us know what you think.

A. provoked
B. aroused
C. aroused more
D. made more

A. major retailer
B. discount
C. bargain
D. price off

A. off
B. time
C. break
D. look
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